Coaching provides a non-judgmental, open, collaborative, and confidential space between coach and client - focusing on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes, and goals. 

A 3 Month of personalized coaching experience to get the job you love


From clarity to outcome 


We will explore what helps you make choices:

  • your identity - what makes you - you

  • your environment - what influences you

  • decision making

  • your personal qualities  


We will explore all the opportunities available to you: 

  • what your strengths are and how you can use them

  • what your competencies are 

  • what are your natural talents 

  • what you need to learn 


How much confidence do you have in yourself? We will:

  • explore what is holding you back from the life you want to have  

  • develop faith in your values and principles

  • understand your value to others

  • accept other people's points of view 

  • learn how to respond to criticism and your own mistakes

  • how to deal with perfectionism and people-pleasing 


Are you doing enough to move forward?

  • find your inner driving forces

  • find your direction: what do you really want to do?

  • how to overcome your lack of motivation and cope with the ups and downs


You will get a safe space to share and discuss your successes and failures. And I am glad to offer you support for everything you need on your path to the job you want.


Questions you may have

How often do we meet?

You choose your own pace. I'd recommend keeping the weekly frequency for our sessions, for you to better follow up on your goals and progress. 

Where the sessions will take place?​

Google Meet. But any other tool (Zoom, Skype, or phone) works too -  what is more important is that you have a session in your own comfortable environment.

What language do you speak? 

English or Russian.

How to cancel or reschedule? ​What if I'm late?

Please cancel or reschedule your appointments latest 24h prior to our meeting.

In your calendar event and confirmation e-mail, you will be able to find the relevant links that will allow you to cancel or reschedule appointments. In case you encounter some troubles with it, please send me an e-mail:

The maximum delay to our appointments is 15 minutes. 

What happens to my data?

The content of each session is fully confidential and will be never shared with third parties.