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Coaching is partner work with a coach to help you unlock your potential. It provides a safe, non-judgmental, and open space. 

Together we explore your desires, develop an action plan and create the intention to follow it. We will work through limiting beliefs and inner conflicts so you can start moving toward your goals with less resistance and fear.

I will help you not only to develop a plan, but I will accompany you on the way to its implementation.




We will explore what helps you make choices:

  • your identity - what makes you - you

  • your environment - what influences you

  • decision making

  • your personal qualities  


We will explore all the opportunities available to you: 

  • your strengths and how you can use them

  • your skills & competencies  

  • your natural talents 

  • your growing edges


How much confidence do you have in yourself? We will:

  • explore what is holding you back from the life you want to have  

  • understand your value to others

  • learn how to accept other people's points of view 

  • learn how to respond to criticism and your own mistakes

  • how to deal with your inner saboteurs (e.g. perfectionism or people-pleasing)


Are you doing enough to move forward?

  • find your inner driving forces

  • find your direction: what do you really want to do?

  • how to overcome your lack of motivation and cope with the ups and downs


You will get a safe space to share and discuss your successes and failures. And I am glad to offer you support for everything you need on your path to the job you want.

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Individual session

One 60-minute session

to help you deal with a particular situation:

- prepare for a job interview;

- deal with conflict at work;

- prepare for a performance review

Six sessions

Six 60-minute sessions

that will help you:

- understand where you are now;
- set a goal and 
visualise future changes;
- outline the path towards them;
- take the first steps 


AVGS coaching

Coaching for job seekers (German residents)

paid by the German government 

The duration of our work varies and is determined by your voucher, e.g.:

- quick start (6 weeks);

- route planner (4 weeks);

- job transition (8 weeks);





"It has been two months since I received life coaching from you. I would like to say that, for people who are in their 20s, getting life coaching from you, is the best thing to find ways to create & achieve goals! When we started our sessions, I had just graduated from my university. I had one year of work experience and some volunteer work experiences at the university. I had a goal which is working abroad in my digital profession. But when we had our sessions, I totally observed the missing points of this goal. I have observed that My “How and Why” factors were so cloudy. You let me talk with myself and clarify them. You teach me how to ask questions to myself and create steps for achieving goals. Today after two months, I totally know “What I want, Why I want and How I Will Get!”. Having life coach sessions with such an experienced person is not something to find easily. Thank you so much for never directly suggesting but always teaching me “How To Ask MySelf” and letting me learn".

"I can't thank you enough for your support and continued really means a lot! Working with you was a great pleasure. I was afraid it would be difficult for me to open up and talk about my fears, but you created a nice environment. Also big thanks for giving me time to go through all challenges this new country brought to me at my own pace and for gently guiding me through them".

"I got a job offer in a Berlin startup as a Data Scientist and I wanted to share it with you as I feel you definitely helped me with some confidence here! I really thought it would be impossible to change my career path and find a job in tech especially here in berlin which is full of great professionals. But you helped me to believe in myself, and discover my strengths and potential. And to be honest, it was just nice to have someone who really cares, listens to you without judgment and offers support when needed. Thank you".


How often do we meet?

You choose your own pace. I recommend our sessions once a week so that you can better monitor your goals and progress. 

Where the sessions will take place?​

Google Meet. But any other tool (Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp) works too -  what is more important is that you have a session in your own comfortable environment.

What language do you speak? 

English or Russian.

How to cancel or reschedule? ​What if I'm late?

Please cancel or reschedule your appointments latest 24h prior to our meeting. Just send me an email and we will find an alternative time. 

The maximum delay to our appointments is 15 minutes. 

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