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After an initial discovery call, I will design a customized coaching program for you according to your needs and goals. 

Our coaching sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly, you set your own pace. Coaching sessions are a safe space to explore your desires, your beliefs, your challenges...and YOU! 

My approach is holistic yet quite practical and includes a variety of exercises, worksheets and tools. But the agenda is entirely yours - some days I just listen to you with care and empathy. 

Below are examples of topics we can work with. 


We will explore what makes you - you:

  • your background and expertise

  • your natural talents, your strengths and growth areas 

  • your environment - what influences you 

  • your values and priorities in life

  • your approach to decision-making 

  • you ideal career or dream job 


We'll look at a variety of opportunities:

  • where and how you can utilize your strengths 

  • what paths are available to you and what it takes to get there (gap analysis)

  • what your preferred options are and why 

  • what your action plan might look like


How much confidence do you have in yourself? We will:

  • explore what is holding you back from the life you want to have  

  • understand your value to others

  • learn how to accept other people's points of view 

  • learn how to respond to criticism and your own mistakes

  • how to deal with your inner saboteurs 


Are you doing enough to move forward?

  • find your inner driving forces

  • find your direction: what do you really want to do?

  • how to overcome your lack of motivation and cope with the ups and downs

  • how to deal with procrastination 


You will get a safe space to share and discuss your successes and failures. And I am glad to offer you support for everything you need on your path to the job you want.

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