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Job search burnout is real

During the first call with some people, I find out that:

→ they apply for any jobs, even ones they don’t want;

→ they struggle to find the energy or motivation to open the job search platform;

→ every new rejection throws them off balance. Interview invites feel indifferent. The whole idea of looking for a job seems pointless.

If this sounds familiar to you, please pause. ⏸️

You can’t generate more options than there are on the market (and the market is quite tough right now). You can't make companies change their requirements to fit your skills. You can't ask them to speed up.

What you can do is redevelop your approach to your “job hunt”.

→ You focus on quality over quantity. You don’t have to wait until you feel super excited about every single job to apply. But choose wisely. Give yourself time to customize your application to show your matching skills.

→ You reorganize your schedule. Designate limited hours for job searching so you don’t feel guilty for not doing enough. Take breaks. Leave some room for creative tasks. When do you feel less productive? Use this time for simple things like research. When do you have more creative energy? Dedicate this time to preparing applications.

→ You prioritize self-care. Nourish your body and mind: exercise, meditate, and do hobbies you enjoy. I know it sounds impossible when you need a job, but you’ll thank yourself later. You can enjoy life even while unemployed.

→ You redefine your goals. Your success is not tied to getting an interview (or the job itself!) but to small action items every day. It can be reaching out to one person you wanted to connect with or researching a company.

→ Reach out for support. Friends and family are great. Working with a professional (career coach, consultant, recruiter) is even better. Talk to people who can help you get unstuck and redefine your job search approach.

Sending a big 🤗 to everyone who’s been on a job hunt journey for a while; please take care of yourself! You’ve got this!

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