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Dealing with rejections

“After reviewing your application, we regret to inform you that we have decided not to move forward with your application at this time."

What’s the first thought that pops into your head when you read this?

Most often, I hear the following:

💭 "I'll never get a job"

💭 "It's all in vain and pointless"

💭 "I am not enough/worthy"

💭 "Something is wrong with me"

Sound familiar? Now, watch out.

The most dangerous thoughts are the automatic ones. Why are they dangerous? We mistake them for the truth.

They cause unpleasant feelings: anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger...

And these emotions often "tell" us what to do.

Postpone important things. Letting things slide. Shutting down and doing nothing at all.

By thinking this way, you’ve already spent all your energy on these enemy thoughts and fighting destructive emotions.

Finding strength and inspiration becomes extra difficult. Not to mention creativity and enthusiasm to keep going.

Now, let’s rationalize.

If you’re not in control of whether or not you get an interview invite, how about your thoughts?

Maybe it’s time to find that ✨magic button✨ that switches them. 

Yes, it takes practice. Yes, it takes the intention to be kinder to yourself. Yes, it's not easy. But it's what keeps you moving forward.

So what thought would you like to choose next time?

💎 "I'm on the right path"

💎 "The right opportunity is on its way to me"

💎 "I am more than enough, just as I am"

💎 "I am unique and valuable"

P.S. No rejection email or even job on this planet can define you.

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